Dragon 120 Hiperfit     Dragon 110 Ultrafit    
Cijena: 3.165,00 kn
Cijena: 2.865,00 kn
Dragon 100 Ultrafit     Diablo Flame Superfit    
Cijena: 2.535,00 kn
Cijena: 2.030,00 kn
Vento 80 Ultrafit     Vento 70 Ultrafit    
Cijena: 2.030,00 kn
Cijena: 1.810,00 kn
Vento 60 Ultrafit          
Cijena: 1.375,00 kn    

3Density Technology & Twin Support System

3 Density Technology, a PU structure with reinforcing ribs covered by transparent polyether, with different rigidity for different functions. The result is a perfect fit and maximum transmission of energy from the foot to the ski..

Diablo Race Pro   Diablo Magnesium HotForm Perf  

Cijena: 3.360,00 kn

Cijena: 3.500,00 kn
Diablo Magnesium Hiperfit
  Diablo Fire HotForm Perf  
Cijena: 3.160,00 kn
Cijena: 3.160,00 kn
Diablo Fire Ultrafit
Diablo Flame Hotform Perf
Cijena: 2.800,00 kn
Cijena: 2.860,00 kn
Diablo Magnesium Ultrafit
Diablo Burn Superfit

Cijena: 2.835,00 kn

Veličina: 220-310

Cijena: 2.315,00 kn
Diablo Spark HotForm Comfort
Diablo Spark Superfit
Cijena: 2.500,00 kn
Cijena: 2.100,00 kn

Performance, Fitting for your enjoy

Vento, Tecnica's new ski boot for all advanced skiers, which offers a perfect balance between performance and comfort.
The shell structure in transparent polyether enhances the innovative design

Vento 10 Hiperfit   Vento 8 HotForm Perf  
Cijena: 2.455,00 kn Cijena: 2.500,00 kn
Vento 8 Ultrafit   Modo 10 Ultrafit  
Cijena: 2.100,00 kn

Cijena: 1.740,00 kn

Veličina: 230-310

Vento 6 Ultrafit   Vento 4 Superfit  
Cijena: 1.800,00 kn Cijena: 1.465,00 kn

Sport Comfort

A renewed line in terms of design and the use of Polytec, an innovative type of transparent PU.This line has been studied for skiing enthusiasts who want excellent boots that are also lightweight, reliable and comfortable.

Entryx 2 10 Ultrafit   Entryx 2 X2 Superfit  
Cijena: 1.600,00 kn

Cijena: 1.080,00 kn

Veličina: 230-320

Entryx 2 6 Comfortfit   Entryx 2 4 Comfortfit  
Cijena: 1.265,00 kn
Cijena: 1.065,00 kn
Sport performance

+Protection +Warmth +Performance

Attiva is the result of in-depth research into females skier's demands.This specificallyvdedicated design has sprung from their comments, suggestions and requests.The model of this specific collection are perfectly in line with the design and technology of the other ranges that Tecnica is offering for the winner 2005-06.

Attiva Flame HotForm Perf   Attiva Flame Ultrafit  

Cijena: 2.860,00 kn

Cijena: 2.500,00 kn
Attiva Spark Superfit   Attiva E8 Superfit  
Cijena:2.100,00 kn Cijena: 1.410,00 kn
Attiva E4 Comforfit   Attiva ESP Comforfit  
Cijena: 1.065,00 kn
Cijena: 1.005,00 kn
Attiva EX2 Superfit   Attiva EX Comfortfit  

Cijena: 1.080,00 kn

Veličina: 230-275

Cijena: 1.005,00 kn

Veličina: 230-275

Attiva V8 Ultrafit
  Attiva V6 Ultrafit  
Cijena: 2.100,00 kn
Cijena: 1.800,00 kn
Attiva V4 Superfit
  Attiva RX7 Ultrafit  
Cijena: 1.465,00 kn
Cijena: 1.655,00 kn


A line for the young skiers, designed and made to help them learn skiing techniques fast and to provide maximum safety while they enjoy themselves on the snow.

Diablo JR Ultrafit   Diablo Team Super  
Cijena: 2.100,00 kn Cijena: 1.215,00 kn
Diablo Team   RJ Super  
Cijena: 950,00 kn Cijena: 725,00 kn
RJ    Racer   
Cijena: 600,00 kn

Cijena: 600,00 kn